I have a blank slate and no, that doesn’t mean I just started over. No it doesn’t mean I just got into a fight and everything’s good again. No it doesn’t mean I sterilized my soul with clip on Purell. It means I don’t know what to write about, yet my mind is full.

Last night I saw the Hitchcock classic Rebecca. Now you can understand why my mind is blown.

When I watch a movie, I watch it the same way my father does. We understand the emotional elements. We understand the character relationships and the undertones. But what we don’t get is the logistics.

At first I wondered what the deal was with the boat.

Quasi-Spoiler Alert Approaching:

Why the hell did de Winter drill a hole at the bottom of the boat? Why would anyone drill a hole or cut a hole or create a hole at the bottom of any sort of transportation device? Then it hit me. Drowning. I wondered how I survived honors physics and still made honor roll.

At points you could tell where the film was being overdramatic, especially with the gothic music. But that was how things were back then. Acting was over the top. Women were sensitive emotional creatures who would sniffle at a moment’s notice and who would relish being called a “child.” The facial expressions of the new Mrs. de Winter were over the top. You could travel with her on this emotional roller coaster. Each second you could label it: excitement, melancholy, bliss, and the list goes on.

I’m not sure what got me hooked. Maybe it was the horror. Maybe it was the plot twists. Maybe it was the shocking revelations about Rebecca. Possibly it was me thinking, “Who the fuck is that Mrs. Danvers?” The mysteries eventually uncoiled, yet this morning during breakfast, Nana, Papa, and I all needed a re-explanation.

It went like this: “Boat,” “hole,” “de Winters,” and so forth. Only there were words in between, words such as “But I thought” and “An inquest is” and “If they all knew he was guilty, would they still have an inquest?” And let’s not forget the…can’t say it. I guess you’ll have to watch it yourself.

The screen shot with all the maids standing straight up in a Gothic line in a Gothic headquarters (house) looked exactly like an iconic Downton Abbey image.

To make suspense, you need a couple of things. You need Mrs. Danvers. Whether she’s the antagonist or the protagonist, she’s always on your team. You need characters that are so quirky or comical or ridiculous that you clap your hands or scream at the TV each time they appear.  And of course you need symbols, which I won’t give away because, if you haven’t seen the film yet, it would ruin the film.You also need Alfred Hitchcock. Case closed. But a final thing that you must must have? An Alfred Hitchock cameo. Donde esta? Removed!

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