Thoroughly Modern

Thoroughly Modern

Don’t worry. This isn’t 1984, although considering the recent controversy over government tapping, some say it is. Is the 21st century a good time period, a bad time period, or an in-between time period?

I had a 1960’s phase. I think everyone goes through it . Remember when? Remember when The Beatles was the only band you listened to? Remember when tie dye was the only type of shirt you wore? Remember when you remembered all the lyrics to the tribal rock musical HAIR? I remember. I wanted to escape the 21st century via time travel–an invention that probably won’t even be invented until the 22nd century! But who cares?

We were Gertrude Stein and Ernest Hemingway, both escapists. We would sing songs. We would write poems. We would flee to France, or in my case, the 21st century. Or in the Great Depression we would watch films that would take us away from all the horrors we faced just by looking out the window to see the soup kitchen lines.

We’re never happy.

We’re never content.

This week it’s the weather.

Next week it’s the rent.

Travel travel far away to the

Distant lands of Aladdin’s dreams.

Travel travel far away to



For, if you’re opposed to

Innovations in social justice,

Reform and equality as well,

Then be an escapist.

That will be swell.


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