Annie Part III

“How was your day, Annie?”

We’ve all heard it. “How was your day, Charlie?” “How was your day, Amber?” “Caroline, did you have  a good day at school?”

By this we mean…suppertime.

The only thing obliquely abnormal about the situation (for the green beans tasted delicious, the mother was a therapist, the father a vet), was the kid. This was Annie Fitzpatrick we were talking about. She was having more than “a rough day.”

“How was your day, Annie?” Linda the mother repeated to no avail.

Guess what Annie did? Do I have any guessers in the audience? Did she:

A) break another window

B) flee to the bathroom

C)  None of the above

And there you have it, Ladies and Gentleman. C is correct. None of the above. So what did Annie do exactly?

She kept plowing through her mashed potatoes–until there were none left…

One thought on “Annie Part III

  1. SUCH-A-BOY has a little sister, WHAT-A-GIRL. sometimes she ate her potatoes, sometimes just played around…………but one thing certain she never appreciated the noble creation of poppy eggs.
    now, what could be so bad about egg, cheese, a bit of milk, a large measure of love nd expert preparation. i think i realize that WHAT-A-GIRL has bee victimized bey
    remarks made by her ungrateful brother and cousins…..could you imagine someone prefering mac and cheese?
    picture WHAT-A-GIRL in the environment of clark u., saturated with pasta and cheese macs, frnaks, burgs and tacos………….what wouldn’t she give for a double poppy egg?…..
    well i’ll let you digest that mentally for the time remaining until you confrnt reality.

    in the meantime, remind your folks to beware of “montezuma’s revenge” when visitin g mexico………..paricularly avoid local water.

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