Blog It Like You Mean It

Daily Prompt: Great or Greatest?

What makes  a blog look like shit? What makes a blog good?

I really don’t know either of these answers since I’m a fairly new blogger. Yes I’ve checked out some of your posts, and might I tell ya, you’ve got a lot of good stuff going on.

I’m not the connoisseur of blogging (yet), but I will share my inadequate words of wisdom. First off, all you need is…


We can’t just read texts anymore, unless we’re talking text messages. Probably because we’re too distracted. But a good ‘ol picture here and there can never hurt, unless it’s, well, you know, a bad picture. But that’s another story.

Another concept I try to emulate and many of you do as well is audience interaction. Now your posts don’t necessarily have to be “Choose Your Own Adventures,” but they should keep us engaged. We have a text message awaiting us on our phones. Who’s it going to be? Who’s gonna demand our attention? Caroline the texter or Caroline the blogger? Well part of that depends on how engaged the audience is.

Another word of wisdom from the chick who’s getting all her wisdom teeth removed is this: Don’t just be another cliché.

There are many feeding grounds for clichés. Don’t buy into them. The world wide web shouldn’t be a vending machine for thoughtless reiterations on the exact same thing. Be yourself.

For example, if everyone’s writing about pine trees, blog about the time you peed in the woods. It’s sure to gain you more likes.

Finally, tell us what’s really going on. Cut the bullshit short. As The Who once sang,  “Who Are You?”

Tell me ’cause I wanna know.

6 thoughts on “Blog It Like You Mean It

  1. which leads me to ask…………….how does a blog differ from opinion, experience, observation, story. essay, etc.????????????????????????

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