The Beaten Path

Daily Prompt: The Road Less Traveled

One fish, two fish. Red fish, blue fish. Small town, big city. Happiness, or life’s a mess!

If I had chosen Colby College:

I would have lived in Waterville, a small city not too far from home. (An hour!) My mother would have attended all my tennis matches and knitted all my winter sweaters, although there’s no guarantee that she still won’t do that.

If I had chosen Colby College:

I would have had Jenny Boylan as a professor. That would have been good. She seems pretty chill. I read one of her books. Likes good music.

If I had chosen Colby College:

I would have asked for a refund.


It was Accepted Student Day. I think I made one friend. If that. Apart from the throngs of people I sort of-kind of knew but didn’t want to re-enter into my life.

The refreshments were good. I’ll give the college that. Lemonade, ice tea, cookies, brownies. Whichever way you looked, there was food. What was more disconcerting was the people. I didn’t receive a flyer about a college REUNION. Did you?

Everyone knew each other and decided that they would be friends. Too many smiles.

Brewer High School Jazz Band jackets. Stockholm Junior Water Prize coats. Mind you, my state winning jazz band jacket hadn’t come in yet.

I was lost and out of place, and so were these people:

If I had chosen Colby, I would theoretically acquaint myself with a girl from Iceland named Thea. A boy from Brookline named Chad. And let’s not forget Jenny Boylan. These would be my three friends. Anyone else? I would have to transfer for that.



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