Who Knew?

Daily Prompt: A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma

So I’ve been reading quite a few of your  Daily Prompt posts. Some of yours are so deeply personal that I feel like I can’t come close. What’s something that no one would have guessed about me? And make it something they don’t already know!

Let’s go through some possibilities. Maybe you can help me sort this out.

I brush my teeth. Surprise, surprise.

(I think we’re making progress).

If you knew me on a personal level…if you saw my face at school…if you were my roommate in college or a neighbor or a friend, you probably already know this: I get stuff done.

If you’re a blogger I do not know, then this may be a surprise. Well, not a surprise. But at least some new piece of evidence to contemplate.

I work my butt off.

Not everything comes easily to me. Some kids are physicists. Others are Shakespearians.

I’m well…I’m me.

I’m not the one to congratulate myself. I’ll save that task for you. But let me tell you once, and listen twice:

I work my butt off.

That is the big Raechel mystery…case closed.

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