If Only I Couldn’t Stop Laughing

Daily Prompt: From the Gut

Unfortunately, I have not laughed. I have only cried. I think you’ll understand why.

AP scores are being released tomorrow. In celebration of this upcoming event, I have some misery to share with you. And misery loves company.

Remember the pain like it was yesterday? Or has it been a few? Either way, come join the fun!

Welcome to the Abyss: AP Exams

Somersaults on your frontal lobe

Backflips to your cerebellum

Heavy, heavy eyes

Shut ’em, shut ’em,

Wait, can’t.

Open up, open up.

Oh wait, cannot.

Semi sleep, semi sleep,

Quasi-dream, quasi-dream.

You’re tired.

You’re hungry.

But then you think:

This stuff’s important.

So you excel.

You invent.

You create.

You stay awake.

Seal the booklet. Seal the booklet.

Place the label. Place the label.

Here not there. Not just anywhere.
But you’re glad they’re over,

Done with, gone.

For if you had more,

You’d die like Black Swan.

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