The Shit List


Let’s be frank: This picture isn’t very funny.

Let’s be clear: Below is where they go.


My dad is a Sticky Note kind of guy. He doesn’t just tab a page of a book that he wants to remember. He doesn’t just use them for filing…he uses them for romance.

My mom still has all the Sticky Notes for all the (thirty something?) years they’ve been married. This is how it works:

Basically, Dad will open up a new toilet paper roll. With it comes a message: Zumba, Holy Moses, Devil Worship isn’t Cool, and of course, Remember the Alamo!
(‘Cause who could forget it in “dire” situations?)

I’m not sure if my dad has done this with every girl he’s dated. By that I mean all two. But at least it’s kind of intellectual?

References to old movies, titles from old books, quotes from nineteenth-century wars.

At least it’s classy? Not sure if I’d go that far.

At least it’s unique…but not very.

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