Daily Prompt: Keep Out

Originally, I had no idea how to begin this blog post. Which person would abhor me if I showed him or her? Which person would BBQ my soul in Hell? And if you do, please add mustard.

So I thought and thought some more. Usually if a post is going to be offensive, I either change names or don’t write it at all. I know that sounds terrible. Write to express. Write to create. But sometimes, you have to take into consideration other’s feelings. I mean, I have a story that’s bubble, bubbling, toil and troubling right now. But it’s not like I’m going to make the pasta! I’ll leave it in the box.

I guess I’m rather hungry.

Regardless, there is one person whom I do not want to read my blog. Not because of anything I said about him. Not because of any blackmail. Not because of Anthony Weiners.

It’s because it’s well…it’s Uncle Robert.

To use a euphemism, let’s just say Uncle Robert’s postcards from Aberdeen are…out there.

Toilet problems, toilet problems, toilet problems…from around the world!

If only Uncle Robert would understand…we don’t enjoy a global toilet perspective. It’s not included in my program of liberal studies! Check the pamphlets. Check with study abroad…not there!

I got 99 problems, but a toilet ain’t one.

4 thoughts on “Mustard

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