Rear Window

Daily Prompt: Fandom

Instead of watching sports, I prefer to watch people. Yep, I’m a people watcher, a peeping tom, anything that involves the art of viewing others. Just kidding about some of that. What I mean by all this is that instead of watching sweat on a screen, I prefer watching people in airports. Maybe that’s because I’m in an airport and have been travelling all day.

Yup, I’m a creep. But that’s how some of the best writers make their living. Take David Sedaris for example. He writes about the sketches at the airports.

Sometimes I admit, I do enjoy watching tennis. But that’s because I play tennis. I’m not an avid fan. I saw someone’s Facebook status about Murray winning something and didn’t know what he won or who he was. Pardon the ignorance. I prefer pedestrians.

4 thoughts on “Rear Window

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  2. interesting……nana and i used to have a favoriet spot in las vegas, where we were entertained by the passing parade, try grand central station someday, or as we recenlty observed, the streetes of manhatan

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