Chicken Pizza

Just a head’s up. I’m blogging at 11:44 PM in Mexico right now. It’s been a long day. This might end up being my worst blog post ever, or it might end up being so stream-of-consciousy that it becomes genius. I’m betting on the first.

Did you know that Nigel Thornberry was Mexican? You remember The Wild Thornberrys, right? Just incase you didn’t, I thought I’d include a picture of Nigel, the dad.

All the bellhops wear safari garb, plus the safari hat. I think Nigel’s missing the safari hat. Maybe I should buy him one at the gift shop.

It’s been a long couple of days. So I thought I’d take a break from my ritual Daily Prompt post and update y’all on mi vida en Mexico.

I promise I’m going to include pictures in future blog posts from my trip. Maybe even a real bellhop. I think you’re beyond animation, right? I’m just too tired now and it’s too late to work on details that to me seem superfluous but are probably essential to everybody else. Maybe I’m just selfish. Or tired.

Today we woke up at 7? I’m not sure exactly. The whole time thing has been shifted. Let’s just call it 7 and if there are any changes we’ll edit.

Why did these weary tourists wake up so goddamn early? And by weary tourists, I mean my mom, my dad, and me?

We were taking a bus tour to Chicken Pizza. I know that’s not the real name of the area, but I’m not Mexican and Spanish isn’t my first language and it’s too late and you wouldn’t be able to pronounce it anyways. So let’s just settle on Chicken Pizza.

I guess I shouldn’t assume you wouldn’t be able to pronounce it. You’re probably smart. But at this hour, Chicken Pizza just makes sense.

Does that look like chicken? I’m not sure exactly. At least it’s pizza.

So we explored the Mayan Ruins and sweat like butter. We being the butter.

I think I’m too tired to finish this blog post. Time zone difference, ustedes.

I’m gonna drift off and watch Friends with Spanish subtitles. Adios!

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