Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black and I am the new critic. Or so I think. Here are some thoughts on Jenji Kohan’s new Netflix series, Orange is the New Black.

You can tell it’s Jenji Kohan’s creation wherever you look: the tidbits of dry, sophisticated humor squeezed in every 25 minutes or so, casually; the typical white middle class woman with the wits along with the strife; and let’s not forget–the acting. Superb acting. You fall in love with the characters. Until they disappear, or, rather, are released.

It’s almost cruel if you think about it. For example, Tasty. Tasty knew how to have a good time. One of her campaign promises when she was running for WAC (a prison student council), was the inclusion of fried chicken on Fridays, or something like that. Tasty was amazing, and she had such chemistry with this other character whose name I don’t know. Regardless, goodbye to Tasty. Her whole life’s ahead of her. But where’s my open door? Where’s my “Tasty” Kentucky Fried Chicken?

It’s logical, though. Tasty wasn’t a bad apple. Had she remained in prison for five more episodes, she’d be in there for too long a sentence. Not true! Use your imagination. Cling to the characters we love. Feed our imagination. We loved Tasty. She was sugar and spice and everything nice.

Feed our taste buds! I want chicken!

And I want it to be tasty.


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