Wear your Flip Flops

Daily Prompt: Funny Ha-Ha

Before I address the topic of humor–who’s got it and who flaunts it and who needs it–let me first apologize to my small fan base of followers. Sorry it’s been a century since I’ve blogged. I just started college. This includes Week One orientation activities, meeting new people, using new showers, and wearing lots of flip flops. Especially in the bathroom. If there’s one thing you get out of the college experience, it’s that you have to wear flip flops in the bathroom.

So let’s get blogging…humor.

I guess I have it in an odd kind of way. Here’s an example:

Yesterday I took a Fiber One bar out of our microfridge. By microfridge I mean this cool thing where a fridge sits on top of a microwave. Retro, right?

My roomie, whom we can call Shelly just for the sake of confidentiality, told me after the fact that I ate my Fiber One that the fridge wasn’t operating. We still hadn’t purchased the three-pronged surge protector. Basically, I ate a granola bar out of the fridge, didn’t realize the bar wasn’t cold at all, and left the entire box in the fridge. Which brings me to another point–why on earth did I leave the bars in the box in the fridge?

I guess I can be funny. I guess it was a learning experience. I guess I learned that the next time Shelly informs me that my mirofridge door is open…I’m not going to close it!

4 thoughts on “Wear your Flip Flops

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