Eat Your Fruit Loops in the Dark

Daily Prompt: Can’t Drive 55

This post is based off the satirical Amanda Palmer song, “Ukulele Anthem”…by one of the few who knows how to play one.

Calling all posers–open auditions! Bring your ukulele. Cars caked in bumper stickers–a minimum of thirty stickers–are greatly appreciated. Donations welcome. Especially if they’re vegan.

As for the ukulele, I’d suggest you bring it–only if you can’t play it. By which I mean you think you can play it. You got three chords? Then strut it and fret it and pretend you’re Jimmy Fucking Hendrix.

Do your English with a spork

And eat your fruit loops in the dark

And read your baby books in bed

And play your ukulele!

11 thoughts on “Eat Your Fruit Loops in the Dark

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