Enter at your own Risk

Daily Prompt: Clean House

Tell me about it.

There is definitely junk in my life! There is clutter. There are newspapers flying all around the room, folders seated in my bed, notebooks reclining in my chair. Give it back! I need to sit, too.

Makeup and chapstick and deodorant all dancing around the desk for some odd reason. Apple bags on the floor. A plastic Margarita glass flipped upside down. Sneakers on the ground. Pants on the ground. Oh yeah, and internal clutter!

Everyone’s life comes with clutter, whether you’re a neat freak or you’re me. There are people you don’t like. There are people you disdain. There is homework. There is scolding. There are reprimands and beasts and screechy chalkboards.

But then there is joy, and there is happiness.

I am content with my messy room. We are content with our messy lives.

9 thoughts on “Enter at your own Risk

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