The Brain Pyramid

Daily Prompt: Bloggers, Unplugged

I have two brains–not to brag. The computer-dominated-screen-time brain and the intellectual, read-a-book brain. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes I have to balance my brain power. But doesn’t everybody? Doesn’t everybody have two brains?

Say I’m writing an essay. Lots of words on a tiny screen. Tiny words. Sometimes I have to magnify the screen just to see if I spelled my name right. I need a break. I log onto Facebook.

Or vice versa. I’m on Facebook. Too much screen time. I’m watching a documentary. I’m watching Bob’s Burgers. I’m watching TV on Netflix. I’m on my Skype. I’m reading through an email. Too little brain action. My head begins to hurt.

So I try to balance.

Here’s my brain pyramid. Actually, it’s a dichotomy. Too many words versus too much screen-time. Find a balance. Eat your vegetables. Don’t forget the dairy. And goodbye!

6 thoughts on “The Brain Pyramid

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