I Assure You

Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow

Prompt: Write a post for your blog–but three years in the future.

Greetings. Salutations. Hello. It’s me, from the future. Only three years have passed, but my how time’s gone by. I’m in London now, studying with a professor and a few friends, visiting museums, attending lectures, concerts, and Shakespearian tragedies. But life is great.

My vocab is better. My sentences stronger. My personality more bearable, if you can believe that.

Grades good, family fantastic. Everything is all right.

Currently I have a job as a consultant at the writing center on campus. Actually, current me is still wondering if that’s even possible or will be possible until I’m a grad student. Better ask my advisor about that one.

And in case you all were wondering, Shelly is better than ever!

Maybe we should catch up some time?

Best wishes!


Madonna and the Rubber Brain

Daily Prompt: Ballerina Fireman Astronaut Movie Star

I wanted to do it all. I wanted to be like Madonna.

In fact, that’s exactly what I told my babysitter: “I want to be like Madonna when I grow up.”

“Madonna?” she inquired. “But why?”

“Singer, writer, painter.”

Of course, this was back when “Mr. Peabody’s Apples,” written and illustrated by Madonna, was one of my favorite books. I was inspired by someone who could do it all–the Hannah Montana of my youth.

I was also inspired by sing-along karaoke at the children’s museum. Almost every week I would go and jam with my friends, and my babysitter. We would record CD’s in the studio, like Britney Spears’s “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and strum on the plastic guitars. You would’ve thought I’d turn out differently, that I wouldn’t be a presidential scholar at a fine university. You wouldn’t assume that I’d be listening to “Call Me Maybe” right now. Or maybe you would given my childhood.

We once tried to grow a rubber brain. Probably because ours were too small. We dunked it into the babysitter’s swimming pool for at least thirty minutes. Weird shit.

When I was nine, I wanted my first real job–at the mall serving pretzels, or at least lemonade. I basically just wanted to wear the visor. Which is why my babysitter, my bestie, and I went up to each hot dog stand and asked what the minimum age for workers was. Dammit, 16.

Now I’m older, wiser. I still want to be a writer…but I also want to grow a rubber brain.


Worthy of Laud

Daily Prompt: Pat on the Back

10 People, Places, and Things Worthy of Applause (in no particular order):

1.  Friends TV show

2. Jefferson Airplane

3. Everything since sliced bread

4. Solid foods

5. Alfred Hitchcock

6. David Sedaris

7. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

8. Sybil the book

9. Sybil the movie

10. Orange is the New Black

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